Our school 

Engage, Believe, Achieve 

Our school motto underpins everything that we do and has been created by the children, parents, staff and governors. We know that in order to be successful our children need to engage with their own learning and have as much input into our curriculum as possible. We want them to see themselves as being at the heart of their learning. We also want to engage the local community and further afield to provide children with strong links and understanding of the world around them.

Children need to believe in themselves and their own value in order to be successful in life and learning. Developing their self confidence and sense of worth is crucial to support all areas of their development. A nurturing and supportive atmosphere, underpinned by our christian values, helps all of our child to believe in themselves and the support of others.

We are a happy school, which aims to achieve the highest academic standards in an atmosphere of nurture and support for the children. Our children are offered a broad and balanced curriculum and enjoy the many different learning opportunities that they have. They achieve highly in wide range of areas including sports, arts, music and creative pursuits. We enjoy celebrating the children's achievements both in and out of school. 

Our vision

Clent Parochial Primary School aims to be an outstanding school at the heart of the local community and the school of choice for the surrounding area. We aim to equip the children with the knowledge, skills and attributes necessary for them to thrive in the wider world.

We aim to achieve by:

  • Ensuring rapid progress from the children’s starting points, leading to high attainment. This will put us in the top 10% of schools in the county. We will ensure that our children are challenged and encouraged at all times to achieve their very best.
  • Nurturing the children in order for them to become well-rounded, resilient and self-assured by placing our Christian values at the heart of everything that we do, instilling in them a strong set of morals
  • Investing in our staff our highly motivated and creative teachers undertake their own research, leading to innovative practice tailored to the children’s needs. Our findings are frequently shared with other practitioners
  • Delivery of a broad, balanced and engaging curriculum that develops children’s curiosity, builds on their strengths and instills a live long love of learning.
  • Community engagement we work in a strong and effective partnership with parents and the wider community, building on our history and continually looking forward to the future. We are heavily involved in community events where local residents and the school work closely together on a wide range of activities.

Behavior Policy