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PTFA funded the playgroundWe, on the Clent PTFA, are working hard to raise as much money as we can for the benefit of the children. To do this we need your help and the help of your extended families. Not just in monetary form, but also in any physical form you can. This doesn't have to be always attending functions (though this does help considerably) but by donating prizes for fetes and even logs for the forest school.

We run a school lottery for the meagre sum of £12 per school year, per number. You have the chance of winning £25, £10 or £5 a school month.

We have movie nights, we have events and most of all we have enthusiasm.

The PTFA are going back to basics and trying to engage the children more and thus, getting the parents enthusiastic about the work that we do. Happy children , generally, equals happy parents.

What does this mean though? Well, do you remember the traditional school fetes with plenty of fun and games and crafts made by the children? This is what we are hoping to achieve. To bring something for the children so that we can give to the children.

We’re currently in a positive position of owning an adjacent plot of land to expand the current Forest School area and this will then open Forest School activities to ALL of the School (currently it is open to Reception & Year 1) and whilst this isn't our main focus, it is something that we would like to get up and running with both financial and physical help!

You can catch us on FACEBOOK - Clent Primary PTFA - join us, join in, enjoy!